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 Blade and Soul

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Blade and Soul  Empty
BeitragThema: Blade and Soul    Blade and Soul  EmptyFr Sep 26, 2014 9:16 pm

Still hope Very Happy !
MMOsite schrieb:

- Release date is aimed at 2015 (rather late)
- Client base will be Chinese client.
- Fatigue system might not be present (she strongly dislikes it but as I understood there are no concrete plans yet)
- Warlock class will not be included initially
- They will most likely have PvP and PvE servers.
- Plans are that you will still choose your faction on PvP server but there won't be a need to equip PvP dobok to attack players.
- You will most likely not be able to change faction on PvP servers.
- Edit: Game will be a f2p model but not interely free (I have no idea what she meant with that... But i kinda don't like the sound of that. Maybe its jusz B2P?)
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Blade and Soul
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